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Embed YouTube Videos

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Embed YouTube Videos

Postby Michael » Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:02 am

I just created a feature to embed youtube videos. To embed a youtube video, just click the "youtube" button on the list of bbcodes between the subject and body of your post. Then find the youtube video you wish to use in a new tab/window and highlight/copy just the code for the video. That is the mumbo jumbo after the v= in the url but do not select anything past the code which may begin with a "&"

So for example if the URL to a video is:

0QCmP0CebB8 is the part you should copy. Now come back to your forum post and paste the code between the youtube tags.

And results should be like this:

Could everyone who has posted youtube videos prior to this new feature please go back and update their posts to display the youtube videos inline? Thanks.
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Re: Embed YouTube Videos

Postby idlepirate » Sun Apr 10, 2011 5:01 pm

for anyone still struggling:

best is to preview your post before you post it and you'll see if its blank or a big white square or if its working.
if its a square then its just the wrong code so play around with it.

so to start you just click the YOUTUBE button next to "font colour" and then this appears:

youtube][/youtube (in the front and end of it there should be a [ and a ] but I just left them out so that you can see the code)

in between the brackets ][ in the centre before [/youtube] you just post the code from the youtube video.for instance my video' s link is:

all i need are the letters after the 'v=' up to the '&'

so i only need 'jxhoNkn6CkU'

then I just paste the 'jxhoNkn6CkU' inbetween the brackets ][
and i should have something like this:

youtube]jxhoNkn6CkU[/youtube (again with a [ in the front and a ] at the end which i left out in order for you to see the code)

just preview the post to make sure it came out ok. make sure not to leave any spaces and if its ok then post:)
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Re: Embed YouTube Videos

Postby cornettocockatiel » Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:33 am

Thanks for adding this feature, it really comes in handy!
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