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Postby Michael » Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:58 pm

I am getting frustrated with people plagiarizing other websites on the parrot forum. In case you forgot the forum rules:

9. reserves the right to remove or not remove any content. If objectionable content is posted, notify the administrator or moderator and the objectionable content will be reviewed within a reasonable time frame. You agree not to post content in violation of any law.

Copy/pasting text from other sites and submitting it as a post or faq is not only unfair to the original write, but also against the law. Just like we wouldn't want people from other sites just copying what our members post here, we do not want our members doing that to others. There have been multiple cases where members of this forum tried to create "faqs" which were mainly copied from other websites.

Now what makes the FAQs and sticky articles on the parrot forum special is that they were custom written by members specifically for this forum. You won't see them anywhere else (or at least shouldn't unless someone decided to steal the text by copying it). People spent a lot of time creating those for the benefit of our members. I particularly like our Senegal Parrot FAQ because it is written by multiple members from different perspectives and experiences. I encourage members to make their own articles/faqs and would gladly make them a sticky if they provide substantial, accurate, and unique information.

Let me clarify a few things here for people who may be confused about this.

What is not allowed:

-Copying articles, pictures, videos, or other content created by someone else on a different website, book, or other source and posting it on this forum

What is allowed:

-Linking to an interesting/relevant article, picture, or video on another website (provided this is not spam)
-Embedding a picture or video from its original source using the embed features when posting
-Explaining in your own words (and possibly citing) what you learned from someone else

The best way to avoid plagiarism and to ensure that you are contributing accurate information to the parrot forum is to read/learn some place else, think about it, try it out for yourself, come back to the parrot forum and write about what you learned and what you think of this in your own words. Take pictures/videos of your own parrot in whatever way it may be related and sharing that as well. Then you can link back to the source that provided you with the information that got you started. This is the greatest contribution you can make and people will know it is reliable information based on something. This is better than just posting links too because it will be more personal and coming from our own members. So I hope that anyone who wants to create an faq or article does so, but please remember not to copy information from other websites. Thanks.
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