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Fetching training

Exchange information about how to teach specific tricks to parrots. Most of these techniques should apply to all bird species. Share your success stories.

Fetching training

Postby K&C » Tue Nov 29, 2022 12:14 pm

Hi all,

I'm having a little problem I don't know how to approach, and I hope I'll be able to hear from members who are experienced with training.

I have 2 budgies since they were babies, they're tamed and trained and can do all kind of tricks, none of which has any fetching. They don't understand the concept of picking up something and dropping it on purpose. All they can do is barely picking an object and dropping it right away or throwing it haphazardly. They don't keep an object in beak for more than a split-second. I try to catch the object when they drop it or throw it and when I do, I give treats and no treats when the object doesn't land in my hand. Sometimes I simulate the process in front of them by both hands, one hand acting like a beak and the object lands in the other, then I give treats after each time I do that.

Generally they pick up pretty quickly on whatever trick they need to do in order to get treats, they even perfected some tricks in one single session, except for this fetching concept, I don't seem to be making any progress with it, and as you know they have little patience when they don't get their treats :D I don't try to push them to do it, but whenever I try with different ideas as a part of any session to make them understand what fetching is, they get frustrated even if I reward the slightest progress with fetching.

I would be grateful for your tips or your sharing of similar experiences.
Thank you
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Re: Fetching training

Postby Michael » Wed Nov 30, 2022 9:22 am

It's very difficult and nearly impossible to teach a budgie to fetch. This is about the best you can expect for a tremendous amount of effort.

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Re: Fetching training

Postby Pajarita » Sat Dec 03, 2022 11:45 am

Budgies are the flightiest of parrots, bar none! And, in all honesty,, training them is not only super time consuming because, if with a companion parrot you can only do 5 minutes sessions, with an aviary, you can only do 2 minutes at a time, but it's also kind of futile because, unless you do it every single day, they will 'forget' in a matter of two weeks. And they NEVER benefit from it, it only works in the human's favor.

If you want to train a bird, get yourself a companion species that bonds deeply with its human.
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